Machine Learning for Healthcare

Yesterday I gave a dev talk at Philly Tech Week on machine learning for healthcare, slides embedded below.

Description: "How are machine learning and data science being adopted in healthcare? From diagnostics, risk predictions, and more, this session will provide an overview of machine learning applications in healthcare systems, walk through the process of how a model might be trained and used, and discuss methods for improving interpretability to augment medical decision-making."

Here's a link to the slides of you want to see my notes.

I think the talk went pretty well. In fact, I think I am actually a pretty good speaker, although I'm not sure how much I get out of speaking personally. The talk was pretty well attended, and I did receive a lot of positive feedback, so hopefully I inspired some people in healthcare or machine learning in some way or another.

Music and Mood: Assessing the Predictive Value of Audio Features on Lyrical Sentiment


aka - what's the relationship between the audio features of a song and how positive or negative its lyrics are? 

aka - data analysis of my spotify music data + sentiment analysis + supervised machine learning

aka - my senior thesis

the full jupyter notebook used to conduct this data analysis can be found on my github here: Spotify Data Analysis

(pg. 32 and onward is just the full python jupyter notebook in the appendix.)


Algorithmic Bias

I recently wrote a final paper for my Digital Culture course, titled "Algorithmic Bias and the Myth of Big Data Neutrality" - a really interesting and really important topic to consider in moving forward in our increasingly technological society.

penn play promotional profile pictures

for short, ppppp

adobe photoshop, lightroom  

fnar 247: environmental animation master post

I'm currently taking FNAR247: Environmental Animation. I am really enjoying the course so far so I figured I'd create a post documenting my progress. We have 1-week mini projects that are relatively open-ended but are based loosely on some theme. These are mainly modeled and scripted in 3DS Max using Maxscript, with post-processing work done in Adobe After Effects.

Here are gif-ified (aka a bit too compressed for my liking but also gifs are cool) versions of a few of the animations:


adobe photoshop, digital painting.


nice to get back in the art groove for the summer.


rotary telephone

maya 2014, rendered w mental ray

 ambient occlusion pass

ambient occlusion pass

made in 3d computer modeling w scott white

it was our first project, but i went back the past few days and tightened it up, added the cord, played around with lighting. it's crazy to see how much i've improved over the semester!

definitely taught me a lot of patience. i'm pretty sure i've attempted to make every single piece on this thing at least twice. i have at least 8 copies of the body, and i know i made the rotary face at least just as many times. i'd like to think all of the hard work paid off, though!

next project: maya dartboard...

project dump

some misc work from the year

 morton salt girl - work in progress 3d modeling, sp '14 made in maya 2014 and mudbox

morton salt girl - work in progress
3d modeling, sp '14
made in maya 2014 and mudbox

 art design and digital culture, sp '14 made in blender and after effects

art design and digital culture, sp '14
made in blender and after effects

 figure drawing, fall '13

figure drawing, fall '13